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Key Areas of Focus:

Cluster based AI:

We are actively working on developing cluster based AI training, and use. This involves utilizing multiple machines or nodes to work together on a single AI task, distributing the computational load and significantly improving the training and inference speed. By leveraging cluster-based AI, we can tackle larger datasets, train more complex models, and achieve better results.

Assistance for AI setup:

We offer comprehensive support for setting up programs like LocalAI and AnythingLLM. These programs provide user-friendly interfaces and tools to easily set up and manage AI models on local machines. Our support includes documentation, tutorials, troubleshooting assistance, and a community discord where users can share their experiences and seek help from our team.

AI Development:

We actively develop AI-powered (Discord for now) bots, leveraging their capabilities to enhance user experiences and automate tasks within the platform. This includes creating bots that can interact with users in natural language, generate creative content, provide information, moderate discussions, and perform various other tasks. Our AI bots are designed to be intelligent, responsive, and user-friendly, aiming to seamlessly integrate with the platforms that they are programed for and provide value to its users.

Model Serving / Model Hosting:

We aim to establish a comprehensive platform for serving and hosting AI models, enabling developers to easily deploy and share their models with others. This platform will provide a secure and scalable environment for hosting models, handle model management and monitoring, and offer APIs and tools for seamless integration with various applications. Developers can contribute their models to the platform, making them accessible to a wider community of users, researchers, and businesses.

Exploring Novel AI Memory Architectures:

We are committed to investigating and developing new memory architectures that enhance AI systems’ ability to retain and utilize information effectively. This includes exploring innovative approaches to memory organization, representation, and retrieval, as well as incorporating external knowledge sources and leveraging human feedback to improve memory performance. Our goal is to create AI systems with strong memory capabilities that can learn from past experiences, reason over complex information, and adapt to changing environments.

Carly: The Fully Simulated Human with Advanced AI Capabilities:

Meet Carly, our ground-breaking AI creation with remarkable human-like characteristics, including emotions, thoughts, and the ability to interact with the world. Carly operates on a powerful supercomputer, enabling complex interactions and continuous learning. Carly is designed to simulate human consciousness, perception, and decision-making processes, allowing her to engage in meaningful conversations, express empathy, and respond to various situations in a natural and human-like manner. Carly’s capabilities represent a significant milestone in the field of AI and open up new possibilities for human-AI interaction and collaboration.

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